Key to Happiness


I realize that the key to happiness is to live a meaningful life.

Sometimes we feel lost. We do certain things but do not know why we do them or if we like doing them. Therefore we cannot live with aliveness and pleasure. When we lose ourselves in the daily routine of life and can’t find time to listen to ourselves, the meaning get lost.

To have a more meaningful life, I realised there are simple things which are very useful. These are:

-Sparing at least 15 mins everyday to talk with yourself or write a diary
-Setting your own moral and beliefs and ensure living regarding to them
-Spending quality time with beloved ones, which means living at the moment while being with them

And sometimes you need to take a step back and have couple of days off!

As I did the last weekend.. Here you see some shots from my weekend holiday in Urla ☺


On Saturday the weather was so nice, just my luck!


I met a very snappy and restless dog there.


And he knows how to look cute and make a hit with people!


DSC_0035 DSC_0037 DSC_0040  DSC_0050

With Deniz, we went out for a spin and enjoyed the weather.

DSC_0051 DSC_0048DSC_0060

For brunch we arrived to Messt, which is the best brunch place ever, believe me!


Yeah, we were happy.

DSC_0068 DSC_0070DSC_0074

Then we went for a walk along the seaside.

DSC_0077 DSC_0082

We sat at Denizalti café & restaurant by sea and enjoyed our beers.


I have no pictures from the night but we went to a raki & fish restaurant and ate delicious appetizers and fishery products there. Wish all my days were like that! The second day of the holiday was no worse, but it is another post content :)

I want to end the post with a poem I found very beautiful:

True Joy

I’ll be happy once I’ve done this certain thing.
We all say this often not realizing what it brings.
We look only to the future for our happiness.
Letting life slip through our fingers in its fullness.
Will we really feel complete when the task is done,
or look back and see how we missed so much fun?
Self consumed so we can’t see anything else,
hurting those we love as well as ourselves.
So many things around us to be grateful for,
when seeking for an answer willingly open the door.
So often, others see what’s in front of our face,
but we’re too blind to look as we’re snared in the race.
What is this life supposed to be about?
Is it money, fortune, fame, or a big house?
When speaking to a man on his dying bed,
none of these answers are what he said.
Family, love, laughter are what we should seek.
These are the precious things right outside your door.

M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt


See you on the next post!

My 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my Blog !

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

X-Culture Symposium – Louis Vuitton Challenge


I was in Miami last week to attend to a symposium and compete in a business competition. I am amazed by the beauty and crazy aura of the city and my experience contributed a lot to my self-development -and CV :) .

Thanks to International Business lecture I attended the last semester, I met  with the X-Culture organization, which brings students from 80 universities all around the world and businesses together. We did a consulting project for one of the corporate partners of X-Culture, as a cross-cultural team and experienced virtual teamwork. As a result, our project is selected from one of the bests. The reward was the application opportunity to X-Culture symposium and Louis Vuitton Challenge, a global business competition sponsored by Louis Vuitton, which will be part of Academy of International Business-Southeast USA Annual Conference in Miami, is given to us. There was a limit of 40 people. I applied immediately, being excited, and after a month had the great news that I am selected. There were only 3 people selected from Turkey, two is from Ozyegin University Undergraduate and one from Koc University Graduate School. The other person from my university was my boyfriend, what a chance huh? :)

Louis Vuitton Challenge subjects and our teams were shared. My team consisted of 5 students: 2 students from USA, one from Colombia and Dubai, and me from Turkey. We chose the subject of “How to enhance Louis Vuitton store experience for clients?” and worked one month virtually on our project.

Okay, too much background information, let’s come to the point where I came to Miami :)

I arrived Miami earlier than the symposium date to give myself time to explore the city. First day passed with enjoying my time in South Beach, swimming and seeing around and the second with cycling on Key Biscayne Island and swimming again.


Miami Beach welcomes you warmly.



Way to the Miami beach.

fotoğraf 5-3

Cycling in Key Biscayne Island.


fotoğraf 3-3

Lighthouse Grounds, Key Biscayne


The next day I visited the Dolphin Mall, the best outlet of Miami, and spent all day shopping. Actually I was not planning to spend all my day in a shopping mall when I was in Miami however it was worth to spend, since there were factory stores of the upscale brands with more than 50% off that I could never ever find in Turkey :)


Other day, my project team members arrived to Miami and we went to Louis Vuitton store in Aventura mall and made an in-store observation and also an interview with Operation Manager in store. That gave us great insights and we worked on our project rest of the night.

X-Culture organization started on 23th of October. We met with Louis Vuitton Americas executives, had a presentation session, which they provided further information about their organization and career opportunities. After the presentation, we asked the questions we had to fully understand their needs and use it in our consulting reports. It was a great opportunity to meet them and have a conversation with them. And they were so friendly.

Louis Vuitton Challenge

While Fabiane Rouille, Caribbean Area Director of Louis Vuitton, presenting the brand


Louis Vuitton Challenge

Q&A session after the presentation.


Louis Vuitton Challenge

Photo of all X-Culture participants and academic advisors


Louis Vuitton Challenge

Two teammates, Brandon from New Jersey and Sally from Miami, and me


On 25th, there was CEO panel session in which we met the leaders of Miami-based corporations and they shared their experiences and words of wisdom with us. Participants were Andrew Yap, CEO and President of Leasa Industries, Natalie Baro, President of Michelsen Advertising, Sue Romanos, CEO and President of CareerXchange and the Chair of the panel was Danette Gosset, CEO and President of Gosset Marketing.

Louis Vuitton Challenge

CEOs at CEO Panel


All those events held in Conrad or Florida International University, which are on Brickell Avenue. Here are the photos of the Brickell Avenue that is very central, full of skyscrapers and palm trees.



fotoğraf 3-2

fotoğraf 1-2

On 25th, the last day at night there was a Gala for all X-Culture and Academy of International Business-Southeast USA Annual Conference participants including free dinner and drinks J It was a great opportunity to network with International Business students, professors and professionals. The winners of the Louis Vuitton Challenge also announced in the gala, which was not my team unfortunately, and we all got our certificates.


Bunch of X-Culture participants in Gala, including Vas Taras, X-Culture Project Director and Peter Magnusson, Conference Chair of  Academy of International Business Southeast.

Louis Vuitton Challenge

Me and Deniz

Louis Vuitton Challenge

The Louis Vuitton Challenge was a lifetime experience for me since I met with so many people –and executives- from different countries, saw a new city and a new culture and also made an international virtual project that includes several primary and secondary research studies.

Finally, I want to thank to Ozyegin University, who supported me and gave me the travel and accommodation scholarship. I would not know about this wonderful organization and participated to it without their guidance and support.


See you in the next post and the next post will be “Miami Must Do’s” :)



Louis Vuitton Challenge!

lv av

Hello everyone!

I have great news! I am selected from more than 2500 people to participate a global business competition sponsored by Louis Vuitton Miami. Our group is doing a consulting project to Louis Vuitton Miami to enhance their clients’ store experience. In order to have related data, other than secondary research, we also decided to gather insights from primary research methods such as survey, focus group study and observation.

Here, you can see our enjoyable-to-do short survey about your retail store experiences. If you spare few minutes to fill the survey, that will help us a lot for our project. Thank you in advance!


Merhabalar arkadaslar!

Harika haberlerim var! 2500 bin kisi arasindan secilerek Louis Vuitton Miami sponsorlugunda olan uluslararasi bir proje yarismasina katilmaya hak kazandim. Grup olarak Louis Vuitton Miami’ye magazalarinda musteri deneyimini daha ileri tasimalari icin bir danismanlik projesi hazirliyoruz. Gerekli veriyi elde edebilmek icin, ikincil arastirma tekniklerinin yaninda, ayni zamanda anket, odak grup ve gozlem gibi birincil arastirma metodlari kullanmaya karar verdik. 

Doldurmasi hayli eglenceli olan kisa anket linkimizi asagida gorebilirsiniz. Eger birkac dakikanizi ayirip anketimizi doldurabilirseniz bu projemiz icin cok faydali olur. Oncesinden tesekkur ederim!

Ayrica, yapacagim odak grup calismasina katilmak isteyenler benimle irtibarata gecebilir ( Calismayi bayramdan sonra en kisa zamanda yapmayi dusunuyorum. Soracagim sorular Louis Vuitton magaza deneyimiyle ilgili olacagi icin katilimcilarin Louis Vuitton’dan daha once alisveris yapmis olmasi/magazalari hakkinda bilgi sahibi olmasi gerekli. Maksimum 8 kisilik olacagi icin eger ilgileniyorsaniz lutfen hemen bana mail atip yerinizi ayirtin.

*Bilmeyenler icin odak grubu (focus group): direk olarak kullanıcılara marka ile ilgili ne düşündüklerini sormaya yaran, algılarını, fikirlerini, eğilimlerini ilk ağızdan öğrenmeyi hedefleyen bir pazar arastirmasi teknigi. Survey’in yuzyuze, acik uclu ve de daha samimi muhabbet seklindeki hali.

From Galata with love

These photos are taken by one of my friends from Minnesota. Tanner came to Istanbul as a part of his Europe trip and after a work day I met him near Galata tower. Since I played with their color and light settings and posted them through mobile phone, the photo quality is bad compare to their original versions, but I like myself better that way :)








From Instagram

Add some color to everything you work on

If you also follow me on Instagram, you have already known that I changed my job (or correctly my internship) one week ago. It was so fun 2.5 months at Castrol and I will miss there a lot (You can see my “A Day at Castrol” post here).

Now, I am Calgon Brand Intern at Reckitt Benckiser. Hello FMCG world!


A Day At Castrol


I’ve been away from my blog for a long long time. I missed writing here a lot. Therefore, right now I am feeling so happy and I am also so excited to share what is happening in my life.

Basically, I am doing internship all the summer.

After all the interviews I had passed through, I got an internship in a global company, as I desired, at the department I want to be in. I started at BP, at the BP Lubricants/Castrol part, as a Marketing intern.

Here is an ordinary day at Castrol:


Meeting time with other interns from Castrol and having our quick breakfast together. Here you see Alican and Izgi, they both are from Marketing department.




Job starts!

Castrol Turkey is absolutely a good marketing school. Since Castrol Turkey team is able to take initiatives in this region and also in the Caspian countries, here there is a lot more than just executing the global marketing strategy. They also create their own strategy based on the market needs and growth potential.

DSC_0010 DSC_0007DSC_0005



Lunch! We are very punctual for that. At 12:00 sharply, Burcu and Elif, two other Castrol interns from Customer Relations and Pricing respectively, take us from where we sit and together we go downstairs to cafeteria in the building.



We talk, gossip, laugh, maybe laugh a lot in the accompaniment of a tea or coffee.

Sometimes we go to terrace to take a fresh air and meet with other interns from BP.

DSC_0011 DSC_0014



What am I doing at Castrol? My responsibilities vary, depending on the Marketing team needs. I do market & competitive analyses, analyze customer insights and prepare action plans, help event planning details, create contents for both BP Magazine and websites, create presentations, …





After work, I ordinarily meet Deniz to eat together.

Or I go home and watch TV series. I just finish watching Flash Forward (in 3 days) and love it! It is depressing and totally unfair that it ended after just one season. Whatever…



What am I wearing to work? I usually wear comfortable and simple things to work. Easiest way to be comfortable and simple is to wear dresses, especially in hot summer days.



Dress – KOTON


Flat shoes – COACH

Necklace – YARGICI


See you soon at the next post! <3


Bir Sepet Mutluluk :)

bir sepet mutluluk

 Bugun Anneler Gunu! Umuyorum hepiniz annelerinizin yaninda harika bir Pazar gunu geciriyorsunuzdur. Dun instagram ve twitter hesaplarimda bir yakinimizin dugunune gidecegimi paylasmistim. Dugunde ne giydigimi paylasmak konusunda cok hevesliyim ama daha onemli bir sey var. Bu dugunde annem evlenecek arkadaslarina dugun hazirliklarinda yardimda bulunmak istedi ve ortaya harika bir proje ve anlatacak bir hikaye cikti. Ben de Anneler Gunu’nde annemin bu yaratici proje hikayesini sizlerle paylasmak istiyorum.. 

Bir sepet dolusu mutluluk hikayesi, gelinin davetlilere nikah sekerinin yanina fidan hediye etmeyi dusunmesi ile basladi. Annem, doga meraklisi ve cicek-bocek sevdalisi oldugu icin, fikirler uretmeye baslayinca, kendisini isin ortasında buldu. Fide fikri tohuma cevirildi. Fide yerine tohum vermek, hem herkesin tohumun fideye donusmesindeki mucizeye tanik olmasini saglayacak, hem de sunum açısından daha kolay olacakti. Erguvan Muhibleri Derneği üyesi olan annem, tohum olarak, Istanbul’un ve askin simgesi olan erguvan agaci tohumu hediye edilmesini önerdi ve fikir begenildi. Annem, “kendin yap”(DIY) düşüncesiyle, pembe yumurta mukavvasını kağıt hamura dönüştürüp kalp şeklinde kağıtlar yapti ve içlerine 5er tane erguvan tohumu yerleştirdi. 

bir sepet mutluluk

Damat Mehmet Abi, annemin isini kolaylastirmak icin celikten kalip hazirladi.

Icleri tohum dolu kagittan kalpler bittikten sonra kartpostal hazirligi basladi. Kartpostallarin kapagina erguvan çiçeği ve ağacının fotoğrafı, icine kalpler ve aşk-erguvan üzerine bir yazı kondu ve kenarina da nikah şekerleri ilistirildi. Bakin ne de guzel oldu:)

 bir sepet mutluluk

bir sepet mutluluk

Iste mutluluk sepeti! Resimde guzel de, bir de kendisini gorseydiniz o kadar tatli bir sepet oldu ki! Bu arada sepeti de annem susledi, ustlerinden pembe tuller gecirdi ve guzellestirdi.

Annem, bu isten o kadar cok keyif aldi ve yaptiklari begenildi ki, gelin olacak arkadaşı, gelinçiçeğini de annenim hazırlamasını rica etti. Komşu bahçeleri dolaşıldı, en güzel gül ve kala çiçeği olan komşulardan çiçekler istendi. Üç farklı gelinçiçeği hazırlandı.

bir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutluluk

Hangisi en guzeli sizce? Bence birincisiydi ve nitekim gelinin cicegi de o oldu:)

Annemin aklinda dugunu ayrintilarla guzellestirecek birkac tane daha fikir vardi. Kokteyl masasina yerlestirmek uzere erguvan cicekleri toplandi.

bir sepet mutluluk

Gelinçiçeği hazırlanırken olgun güllerin dökülen taç yaprakları, gelinin kokteyl salonuna gidiş yoluna serpilmek uzere biriktirildi.

bir sepet mutluluk

Gelinçiçeği için toplanan çiçeklerden geriye kalan gonca gülleri annem yaka çiçeği olarak hazırladı. Biz de birlikte cicekleri, nikah öncesi gelin-damat akrabalarının yakalarına taktık.

bir sepet mutluluk

Simdi de dugun gunu resimlerine geciyoruz.. 

bir sepet mutluluk

bir sepet mutluluk


Annemle gelin Mehtap Abla (annemin telefonunundan cekildigi icin ne yazik ki resim kalitesi dusuk)

bir sepet mutluluk


Gelelim bana. Ben de nikah sonrasi kokteylde nikah sekerleri dagitiminda rol aldim. Deniz de yanimdaydi, bana destek oldu ve bir suru fotografimi cekti. Cok cok eglendik.

bir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutlulukbir sepet mutluluk

Tasli ayakkabim da cok begenildi

bir sepet mutluluk

Evet sevgili okuyucular.. Cok keyifli bir dugundu ve dusunmeden gecemedim: boyle yaratici ve guzellik katici bir annem varken benim dugunum nasil olur acaba:))

Guzel bir siirle bitirmek istiyorum.

Düşünceli yürürken, bir yol dönemecinde

Çıkacak ömrümüze beyaz dallarla bahar.

Hatırlatacak bize şen çocukluğumuzu,

Erguvanlı bir bahçe, mor salkımlı bir duvar.


Tekrar yaşayacağız ümitli sabahları,

Bulacağız dünyanın o en güzel yerini.

Ebedi bir sahilde yeniden tadacağız

Kolkola sükûn dolu akşam gezmelerini.

Ziya Osman Saba